July 7, 2017: C-NET:  “Trolling victim takes neo-Nazi website to court”

June 27, 2017: IAPP: “Digging deeper into ‘Privacy on the Ground’”

April 5, 2017: CBC: “Live streaming crime: How do we police the internet?”

April 1, 2017: Uptown Radio: “Grappling with Cyberbullying in One New York School”

Feb 15, 2017: CNN: “Can a Prenup for Sex Tapes Keep You Safe?”

Feb 3, 2017: Quartz (Op-Ed): “Donald Trump and Steve Bannon Need Angry Young Men. They’re Using Gamergate Culture to Get Them”

Jan 30, 2017: Slate: “Crisis Mode: What happens if Donald Trump refuses a Federal Court Order”

December 2, 2016: Elite Daily: “Everything That Happens After Sexual Assault Is Recorded On Social Media”

Aug 26, 2016: Gant News: “Will Hillary Clinton Be the One to Crack Down on Revenge Porn?”

Aug 3, 2016: New York Times (Op-Ed): “Cybermobs Multiply Online Threats and Their Danger”

July 20, 2016: Gizmodo: “Snapchat Clips Help Convict Two People of Sexually Assaulting a Teenager”

July 19, 2016: Vogue: “Is it legal for Taylor Swift to sue Kim and Kanye?”

July 19, 2016: CNN Money: “Two People Found Guilty in Snapchat Sexual Assault Case”

July 18, 2016: Time: “Did Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Break the Law by Recording Taylor Swift?”

July 18, 2016: Variety: “Off Broadway Review: Daniel Radcliffe in ‘Privacy’ ”

June 19, 2016: News8: “Muslim Woman Deluged by ‘Hate Tweets’ After Helping Homeland Security Panel”

June 19, 2016: Herald News: “Mass. Congresswoman Carving Out Niche as Critic of Online Abuse”

April 29, 2016: CNN Money: “The Dark Side of Livestreaming: Periscoping a Rape”

April 21, 2016: Huffington Post: “Why Would Anyone Film a Rape and Not Try to Stop It?”

April 13, 2016: The Virginian-Pilot: “Woman With HIV Convicted of Biting Sister During Fight”

March 30, 2016: ABC’s Nightline: “Former ‘Glee’ Extra, Bartender Say ‘Internet Ruined’ Their Lives”

March 16, 2016: WJCL: “One Tweet Ruined Her Life”

March 14, 2016: Ars Technica: “Anti-Swatting Representative Leads First-Ever SXSW Online Harassment Summit”

March 11, 2016: Mass Live: “US Rep. Katherine Clark to Highlight Online Threats, Harassment at SXSW Festival”

March 10, 2016: ABC’s Good Morning America: “Inside the New Series ‘The Internet Ruined My Life'”

March 9, 2016: Examiner: “Exclusive interview: Ari Ezra Waldman talks ‘The Internet Ruined My Life”

March 8, 2016: CNNMoney, News4JAX: “How One Hashtag Can Ruin Your Life”

March 2, 2016: Mashable: “Syfy’s ‘The Internet Ruined My Life” is the Ultimate Online Cautionary Tale”

February 21, 2016: Mashable: “Giving Young People a Chance to Grow Up Without Online Shame”

February 18, 2016: Voice of America: “Supreme Court Will Weather Fierce Nomination Battle, Scholars Say”

February 16, 2016: Law360: “Scalia Often Put Limits On Rights In IP Decisions”

November 3, 2015: MSNBC: “Cyberbullying Victims Unite in New Campaign”

October 30, 2015: PC Magazine: “SXSW Organizers Schedule Online Harassment Summit”

October 8, 2015: The Advocate (Op-Ed): “For Tyler: How One Man Is Taking on Cyberbullies”

October 1, 2015: NY Daily News (Op-Ed): “Ending the cyberbullying epidemic five years after Tyler Clementi’s suicide”

August 20, 2015: PrawfsBlawg: “What the Ashley Madison Hack Teaches Us About Digital Privacy Invasions” (blog post)

September 4, 2015: Vice:  “Why Did the Feds Bust Rentboy?”

August 25, 2015: Bloomberg: “Ashley Madison Users Sue Over Data Breach”

February 23, 2015: Scholarship was quoted in a unanimous opinion in United States v. Gutierrez by the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, the highest court in the military.

January 27, 2015: Life of the Law, “Life After Doxing,” a discussion of cyberharassment.

(Legacy “In the News” hits to come)

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