My name is Ari Ezra Waldman. Thanks for visiting my website!

I am a law professor, a writer, and an all-around nerd.

I am an Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Innovation Center for Law and Technology at New York Law School. I am also an affiliate scholar at Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy. I have a Ph.D. in sociology from Columbia University, a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and a B.A., magna cum laude, from Harvard College.

I study how the law affects online social life, with particular focus on privacy, the design of new technologies, information policy, and cyberharassment. In particular, I research what motivates us to share information online, what can happen to our shared information, how design manipulates our behavior, and the dangers that can result. I combine empirical/quantitative methods with theory/legal analysis. My first book, Privacy As Trust: Information Privacy for an Information Age (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2018), argues that can we protect information already known to some others if we start thinking about privacy through the lens of trust.

I recently won the highest academic award in privacy law: the Best Paper Award at the 2017 Privacy Law Scholars Conference. My paper, Designing Without Privacy, takes extensive ethnographic research and shows the social, structural, and legal barriers to making privacy-by-design a reality. This paper will be the basis of my second book, the proposal for which is now under consideration at top publishers.

My scholarship has been, or will soon be, published in leading law reviews, including the Cornell Law Review Online, the Notre Dame Law Review Online, the Iowa Law Review, the Indiana Law Journal, the Case Western Reserve Law Review, the University of Miami Law Review (and again), and the Temple Law Review, among others. I write, speak, and comment widely in local and national news on issues related to privacy and cyberharassment.

I am the founder and director of the Institute for CyberSafety at New York Law School, which includes, among other things, the only law school clinic that represents victims of cyberharassment for free! My students and I are also working on a multi-year research project on the connection between bullying laws and policies and LGBTQ student outcomes, health, and safety.

And, because law professors are people too, I have interests outside of class. I love dogs and love to travel. I’m an AFAA-certified group fitness instructor and I teach a fitness class a couple of times a week. It’s super fun! Check it out.

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