Columbia University, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Ph.D., 2015
M.Phil., 2014
Dissertation: Privacy as Trust: Sharing Personal Information in a Networked World
Commencement Address: “The Importance of a Liberal Arts Education” (fast forward to 21:00).

Harvard Law School
J.D., 2005

Harvard College
A.B., magna cum laude in history, 2002
Marshall and Jacqueline Kates Scholar; John Harvard Scholar


New York Law School
Associate Professor of Law (2014-Present)
          Founder & Director, Institute for Internet Safety (2015-Present)
          Director, Innovation Center for Law & Technology (2014-Present)
Associate Director, Institute for Information Law and Policy (2013-2014)
Adjunct Professor of Law (2012-2014)

Hebrew University, Faculty of Law
Visiting Professor of Law (2016)

Brooklyn Law School
Adjunct Professor of Law (2012-2013)

California Western School of Law
Visiting Assistant Professor of Law (2010-2012)

American University, Washington College of Law (2007-2008)
Adjunct Professor of Law, Legal Writing and Rhetoric


I study how the law affects online social life, with particular focus on privacy, the design of new technologies, information policy, and cyberharassment. In particular, I research what motivates us to share information online, what can happen to our shared information, how design manipulates our behavior, and the dangers that can result from disclosure. I use a wide variety of methods in my research, including empirical analysis, statistical modeling, qualitative ethnography, and traditional legal tools.


Torts, Information Privacy Law, Intellectual Property, Internet Law, Sexual Orientation and the Law (seminar), Technology for Lawyers (seminar), Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (seminar)


For the Northeast Privacy Scholars Workshop ($5000 per year, from Microsoft, 2017)

For research related to cyberharassment and the Institute for CyberSafety ($25,000, from the Tyler Clementi Foundation, 2016)

For research related to privacy by design ($15,000, from various NYLS alumni, 2016)

For the Institute for CyberSafety ($35,000, from AT&T, 2015)



Privacy as Trust: Information Law for an Information Age (Cambridge University Press) (forthcoming 2018)

Designing With Privacy: Embedding Privacy-By-Design Into Every Technology (proposal submitted)

Selected Law Reviews 

Designing Without Privacy
55 HOUSTON LAW REVIEW __ (forthcoming 2018)
*Winner of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Award for Best Paper at the 2017 Privacy Law Scholars Conference (PLSC)

Are Anti-Bullying Laws Effective?
103 CORNELL LAW REVIEW ONLINE __ (forthcoming 2017)

Notices and Choices: A Statistical Analysis of Privacy Policy Design,
93 NOTRE DAME LAW REVIEW ONLINE __ (forthcoming 2017)

Privacy, Notice, and Design,
20 STANFORD TECH. L. REV. __ (forthcoming 2017)

A Breach of Trust: Fighting “Revenge Porn”,
102 IOWA L. REV. 709 (2017)

Trust: A Model for Disclosure in Patent Law,
92 INDIANA L. J. 557 (2017)

Triggering Tinker: Student Speech in the Age of Cyberharassment ,
71 U. MIAMI L. REV. 427 (2017)

Privacy, Sharing, and Trust: The Facebook Study,
67 CASE W. RES. L. REV. 193 (2016)

Manipulating Trust on Facebook,
29 LOY. CONSUMER L. REV. 175 (2016)

Amplifying Abuse: The Fusion of Cyberharassment and Discrimination,
B. U. L. REV. ANNEX (Oct. 2015),

Privacy as Trust: Sharing Personal Information in a Networked World,
69 U. MIAMI L. REV. 559 (2015).
*Winner of the Otto L. Walter Distinguished Writing Award, 2016

Marriage Rights and the Good Life,
64 HASTINGS L. J. 739 (2013)

All Those Like You: Identity Aggression and Student Speech,
77 MISSOURI L. REV. 563 (2013)

Hostile Educational Environments,
71 MARYLAND L. REV. 705 (2012)

Tormented: Anti-Gay Bullying in Schools,
84 TEMPLE L. REV. 385 (2012)

Legal Essays

Images of Harassment: Copyright and Revenge Porn, 23 FED. B. C. Q. 15 (Sept./Oct./Nov. 2015).

The Freedom to Marry: Politics and Law in 2014 and Beyond, 40 HUMAN RIGHTS 22 (2014).

Military Justice is Alive and Well: A Response to Dr. William J. Gregor, XLI PARAMETERS 124 (2011).

Book Chapters 

Privacy As Trust: Sharing Personal Information in a Networked World, in CULTURES OF PRIVACY (Karsten Fitz & Barbel Harju, eds. 2015).

Presumptive Criminals: HIV-Related Aggravated Assaults, in HANDBOOK OF LGBT COMMUNITIES, CRIME, AND JUSTICE (Dana Peterson and Vanessa R. Panfil, eds. 2014).

Popular Press Essays and Op-Eds

Harasser-in-Chief: Donald Trump and Steve Bannon Need Angry Young Men. They’re Using  Gamergate Culture to Get Them, QUARTZ (Feb. 3, 2017),

The Dangers of Anonymity on the Internet, FORWARD (November 2016),

Cybermobs Multiply Online Threats and Their Danger, NEW YORK TIMES (Aug. 3, 2016  10:06 PM),

For Tyler: How One Man is Taking On Cyberbullies, THE ADVOCATE (Oct. 8, 2015 4:00 AM),

Ending the Cyberbullying Epidemic Five Years After Tyler Clementi’s Suicide (with Jane Clementi), NEW YORK DAILY NEWS (Oct. 1, 2015, 2:48 PM),

The Case for Uber Data Sharing, GOTHAM GAZETTE (Nov. 19, 2014),

When Gays Hold Hands, FOURTWONINE MAGAZINE, Mar. 2014, at 54.

The Injustice of HIV Criminalization, BETA JOURNAL, May 3, 2013.

Is Canadian HIV Law Taking a Step in the Wrong Direction?BETA JOURNAL, Nov. 9, 2012.

The Affordable Care Act Survives – What Now?, BETA JOURNAL, July 16, 2012.

Governor Should Sign Bill to Include Gays in School Social Studies, THE SACRAMENTO BEE, July 13, 2011, at 13a.

A Two Pronged Strategy is Key to Protecting Gay Rights, THE DAILY JOURNAL, Dec. 27, 2010, at 6.

The Death of a Rutgers Student Cries Out for a Legal Remedy that our Criminal Justice System Simply Does Not ProvideTHE DAILY JOURNAL, Oct. 11, 2010, at 1.

A Hero’s Leap Forward: Overturning Prop 8, THE DAILY JOURNAL, Aug. 9, 2010, at 4.


Privacy Issues Expert at, at, writing and editing general-audience essays educating the public about privacy rights, privacy-related news and developments, and the law (2014-2016).

Legal Editor at Towleroad, at, writing and editing general audience essays on LGBT law (2010-Present).

Contributor at Concurring Opinions (recurring)

Contributor at PrawfsBlawg (recurring)
Recent Posts:
“State v. Dharun Ravi: What Happened,” Sept. 12, 2016.
“State v. Dharun Ravi: The Appeal,” Sept. 14, 2016.
“State v. Dharun Ravi: A Culture of Homophobia,” Sept. 19, 2016.
“Nonconsensual Pornography and the ‘Gay Bachelor’,” Sept. 20, 2016.
“State v. Dharun Ravi: Invading the Sexual Privacy of LGBTQ Persons,”Sept. 21, 2016.


Adviser, Privacy (a play on digital privacy at the Public Theater in New York City, which includes a character named “Professor Ari Waldman”)

Member, Data and Tech Advisory Group, Taxi & Limousine Commission, City of New York

“Bullying of LGBT Students and the FAIR Education Act,” House of Representatives of the State of California (2011) (written testimony)

“John/Jane Doe Filings and Online Harassment,” House of Representatives of the State of Hawai’i (2011) (written testimony)

Worked with 21 Missouri public school teachers/administrators over 3 days to write LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying policies (March 2012)

(as host/organizer)

Eighth Annual Internet Law Works-in-Progress (forthcoming Mar. 26, 2018)

Northeast Privacy Scholars Workshop (inaugural) (forthcoming Oct. 20, 2017)

Fashion Law Symposium 2016: Robot Couture: The Future of Fashion, Law, and Technology (Oct. 21, 2016)

Sixth Annual Internet Law Works-in-Progress (Mar. 5, 2016)

The First Internet Safety Conference (Oct. 3-4, 2015)


Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA: Designing With Privacy (Aug. 8, 2017).

Privacy Law Scholars Conference, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA: Designing Without Privacy (June 2, 2017) (accepted paper).

Privacy Law Scholars Conference, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA: The Metacognitive Experience of Privacy Decision-making (with Jim Mourey) (June 1, 2017) (accepted paper).

Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, Behavioral Insights Group, Harvard Privacy and Transparency Workshop: The Metacognitive Process of Privacy Decision-Making (with Jim Mourey) (May 15, 2017) (invited talk).

Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, Behavioral Insights Group, Harvard Privacy and Transparency Workshop: Notice Design and Privacy Decision-Making (May 15, 2017) (invited talk).

University of Wurzburg, Wurzbug, Germany, “Technology and the Law: Challenges of Digitalization”: Privacy, Trust, and the Law (May 7, 2017) (invited talk).

American University, Washington College of Law, Law Review Symposium, “Alexa: Are you Listening? Developments and Challenges in Data Privacy Law”: Privacy, Social Robots, and the Internet of Things (Apr. 7, 2017) (invited panelist)

JCC of Greater Boston, Jonathan Samen Discussion Series: Cyber Trolls, Death Threats, and the First Amendment (Mar. 15, 2017) (invited panelist).

Internet Law Works-in-Progress Conference, Santa Clara School of Law: Exercising Privacy (Mar. 2, 2017) (accepted paper/talk).

University of Pennsylvania School of Law, Philadelphia, PA: Journal of Constitutional Law Symposium, Hate Crimes and Hate Speech: Exploring the First Amendment: Fake News and the New Administration (Feb. 10 2017) (invited panelist).

Association of Corporate Council Cybersecurity Summit, Washington, D.C.: Privacy and Security (Jan. 31, 2017) (invited panelist).

Tech Innovation & Inclusion Summit, Washington, D.C.: Implicit Bias, Discrimination, and Design (Nov. 17, 2016) (invited lecture).

New York City Council, Legislative Counsel: Privacy, Notice, and Design (Nov. 9,2016) (invited talk).

Privacy+Security Forum, Washington, D.C.: Notice, Choice, and Design (Oct. 25, 2016) (accepted proposal, talk and panel discussion).

Bloomberg LP, New York, NY: Cyberharassment and In-House Lawyers: Representing Victims Pro Bono (Oct. 11, 2016) (talk for all Bloomberg LP lawyers).

IP Scholars’ Roundtable, Sixth Annual, University of New Hampshire School of Law: Social Networks and Intellectual Property (Oct. 7-8, 2016) (talk, paper workshop).

TPRC44, Research Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy, George Mason University School of Law: Rethinking Notice and Privacy Policy Design (Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2016) (accepted paper, talk).

Bocconi University School of Law, Milan, Italy: Rethinking Notice and Privacy Policy Design (Sept. 6. 2016) (invited talk).

Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, Stanford Law School: Intellectual Property and Social Networks (Aug. 11-12, 2016) (accepted paper, talk).

Macquarie Group America, New York, NY: Cyberharassment and Corporate Responsibility (July 11, 2016) (talk for all Macquarie America lawyers).

New York State Permanent Commission on Access to Justice Annual Conference, New York Law School: Privacy by Design and Access to Justice (June 23, 2016) (talk).

Privacy Law Scholars Conference (9th Annual), George Washington Law School: Designing Privacy Policies (June 2, 2016) (paper workshop).

Hebrew University, Faculty of Law: Privacy Policies and Rethinking Notice (May 18, 2016) (talk).

Fordham Law School, CLIP at 10: Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of Law and the Information Society: Information Regulation and Freedom of Expression (May 13, 2016) (talk and presentation on panel).

New York University School of Law, Surveillance Art: Traffic Cam Meets Art Basel (Apr. 6, 2016) (panelist).

Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Advertising in Digital Media: Disclosures and Transparency in Social Media: Privacy, Trust, and the Propensity to Share (March 18, 2016) (talk and presentation on panel).

Whittier Law School, Distinguished Speaker in Privacy Law Series: Designing Privacy Policies (March 17, 2016) (talk).

South by Southwest (SXSW), Online Harassment Summit: To Catch a Troll (Mar. 12, 2016) (talk and presentation on panel).

Internet Law Works-in-Progress Conference, New York Law School: Designing Privacy Policies (Mar. 6, 2016) (paper presentation).

University of Miami School of Law, Law Review Symposium: “The Constitution on Campus: Do Students Shed Their Rights at the Schoolhouse Gates”: Internet Privacy Rights: Cyberharassment and Schools (Feb. 5, 2016) (talk and presentation on panel).

University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, The Future Frontiers of Online Privacy: Trust and Disclosure of Personal Information (Jan. 23, 2016) (talk and presentation on panel).

New York University School of Law, Tri-State Region IP Workshop: Information Diffusion and the Public Use Bar (Jan. 15, 2016) (paper presentation).

Texas A&M University School of Law, IP Scholars Roundtable: Social Networks and Intellectual Property (Oct. 10, 2015) (talk).

Internet Safety Conference, New York, NY: How to Represent Victims of Cyberharassment (Oct. 3, 2015) (panelist).

Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, DePaul University School of Law: Social Networks, Trust, and the Public Use Bar (Aug. 6, 2015) (talk).

National LGBT Bar Association Conference, Chicago, IL: LGBT Privacy and Harassment (Aug. 6, 2015) (presentation on panel).

Privacy Law Scholars Conference (8th Annual), UC Berkeley School of Law (June 6, 2015) (commentator).

Internet Law Works-in-Progress Conference, Santa Clara University School of Law: Privacy As Trust: Sharing Information on Facebook, Quantitative Data (Mar. 7, 2015) (talk).

Works-in-Progress Intellectual Property Conference, George Washington University and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, D.C.: Social Network Trust and Patent Law’s “Public Use” Bar (Feb. 7, 2015) (talk).

Beyond Marriage Equality: A Talk About Anti-Gay Cyberbullying and the Role of Corporations, TIAA-CREF (Nov. 19, 2014) (lecture).

Cardozo Law School, LGBT Law Working Group: Online Identification and Gender Re-Identification (Oct. 24, 2014)

New York Law School, NYLS Faculty Colloquium: Destabilizing Privacy and the Social Construction of Technology (Oct. 14, 2014)

New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies, NYU Masters Program in Graphic Communications: Intellectual Property in Business Management (April 8, 2014).

New York Law School, NYLS Student/Faculty Presentation Day: The Impact of Technology on Your Online Privacy (April 2, 2014) (moderator and presenter).

New York Law School, NYLS Student/Faculty Presentation Day: Justice Kennedy’s Message of Dignity and the Broad Reach of Windsor, The Same-Sex Marriage Cases: Reflections and Perspective on United States v. Windsor and Hollingsworth v. Perry (April 2, 2014) (panelist).

Internet Law Works-in-Progress Conference: Privacy as Trust in Online Society (Mar. 8, 2014) (talk).

11th Annual Adoption Law and Policy Conference, New York Law School: The “Problem” of Windsor: Adoption by Same-Sex Couples Following Windsor v. United States (Mar. 7, 2014) (moderator and presenter).

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art: Propaganda: Voices from Russia, A talk on privacy and LGBT issues in Russia in advance of the Sochi 2014 Olympics (Jan. 19, 2014) (keynote address).

Advanced Communications Law and Policy Institute AdvancedCOMM Summit 2014, New York Law School: The Unblinking Eye: Understanding Privacy and Its Limits in the Broadband Era (Jan. 16, 2014) (panelist).

New York Legal Hackers, Hacking Revenge Porn (Jan. 2, 2014) (panelist).

“Situation Room” on the Passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (Sept. 12, 2013) (moderator and presenter).

National LGBT Bar Association Conference, San Francisco, CA: Religious Exemptions to Anti-Discrimination Laws, Religious-Affiliated Law Schools panel (Aug. 24, 2013) (panelist).

Marriage Equality at the Supreme Court, Linklaters LLP Pride Symposium (June 14, 2013) (keynote address).

Law and Society Conference, Minneapolis, MN: Online Privacy and the Problem of Digital Harassment (June 1, 2013) (talk).

Lambda Legal: 40 Years Later, Lambda Legal Millennials for Justice (May 2, 2013) (keynote address).

Students for Free Culture Conference, New York Law School: Online Speech and its Regulation (Apr. 20, 2013) (panelist).

University of Connecticut School of Law, Law Review-sponsored panel: DOMA at the Supreme Court (Mar. 19, 2013) (talk and presentation on panel).

Touro Law Center, The Case Against DOMA (Mar. 13, 2013) (debate).

Brooklyn Law School, Legal Hacker MeetUp: The Law of Mobile Privacy (Sept. 5, 2012) (panelist).

University of Missouri School of Law, Symposium: “Cyberbullying: Emerging Realities and Legal Challenges”: Group Harm and the Substantial Disruption Standard (Feb. 9, 2012) (talk and presentation on panel).

University of California, Irvine, Southern California Junior Faculty Workshop: The Philosophy of Social Networking and Internet Speech (Oct. 22, 2011) (talk).

Notre Dame Law School: Effects of Cyberbullying on LGBT Youth (Oct. 3, 2011) (talk).

University of San Diego Law School, Proposition 8 and DOMA Challenges: Next Steps (Sept. 28, 2011) (talk).

University of Maryland Law School, Law Review-sponsored talk: Cyberharassment of Gay Teens and the First Amendment (Sept. 15, 2011) (talk).

National LGBT Bar Association Conference, Los Angeles, CA, Junior Scholar’s Panel: Gay Social Networking and Social Integration (Sept. 10, 2011) (talk).

National LGBT Bar Association Conference, Los Angeles, CA, Anti-Gay Harassment, Free Speech and Non-Legal Responses panel: Overcoming a Cyberbully’s First Amendment Defense (Sept. 9, 2011) (moderator and presenter).

Law and Society Conference, Perceptions and Effects of Technology Within the Law panel: Tormented: Anti-Gay Bullying in Schools, Quantitative Data (June 4, 2011) (moderator and presenter).



Princeton University, Center for Information Technology Policy


Cihui Foundation Fellow (Internal, Columbia University)
Paul F. Lazarsfeld Fellow (competitive Ph.D. fellowship)
Charles Warren Center Fellow (Harvard)

Honors and Awards:

IAPP Best Paper Award (highest award in privacy law), 2017
Best LGBT Lawyers Under 40, National LGBT Bar Association, 2016
Otto L. Walter Distinguished Writing Award, 2016
New York Law Journal Rising Star, 2016
Point Foundation National Scholar finalist, 2012
Southern California Junior Scholar, 2011


New York Law School
– Member/Chair, Safety & Compliance Committee (Title IX) (2015-Present)
– Faculty Liaison, Admissions Committee (2014-Present)
– First Year Section Leader, Fall Term (2015, 2017)
– Adjunct Faculty Committee (2014-2015)

California Western School of Law
– Public Interest Committee (2007-2008)


Hon. Scott W. Stucky, Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, Washington, DC, 2007 – 2008


I’m From Driftwood, New York, NY, 2011 – 2014
General Counsel, Member of the Board of Directors

Winston & Strawn LLP, New York, NY, 2008 – 2010
Senior Associate, Appeals and Critical Motions Practice

Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson LLP, New York, NY, 2005 – 2007
Associate, Intellectual Property Litigation 


New York


Equality New York, Board Member
OUTLeadership, National Leadership Council


Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Marathon running (New York, Miami, Austin, Providence, Philadelphia)
Group Fitness Instructor, Equinox Gyms